Consequences of Kindness

Of course we all know a little kindness goes a long way. It is one of the first things we are taught as a child: to treat others as we would like to be treated. I’m sure if everyone lived by this code there would be no problem, but the sad truth is that once we leave primary school the ‘code of conduct’ we are taught to live by as young children changes drastically. Things such as romance edge in to the picture, popularity contents run rife and this is something that is always sure to be prominent in everyone’s future. So where do we go from here?

Well, I believe it is fair to assume kindness doesn’t get you everywhere. There are people in life who appreciate kindness, but there are many who will take advantage. There isn’t really a way to weed this people out for certain without getting to know them, so we will all fall to some unappreciative idiot at one point or another. I am a firm believer that it is not evil that destroys most angels, but goodness. Their goodness is wonderful, and whenever we think of someone we consider to be an angel we think they are spectacular, beautiful people that deserve the best in life, but they are rarely people who have what we would consider to be ‘the best in life’. They are the people that, whether happy with what they’ve got or not, make do and soldier on, caring for those around them whether they have known that person for 5 minutes or 50 years. But goodness can come at a price. If these ‘Angels’ are not shown appreciation, most of the time they will act like it doesn’t bother them. Maybe they think it doesn’t. But subconsciously it gnaws away at them. Angels find it very difficult not to care, so even if you abuse their kindness they will rarely be able to convince themselves to be less kind towards you.

Have I just described someone you know? Or maybe I have described you? Well, here are some things to consider:

If I have described someone you know; be it partner, parent, friend or family, tell them you appreciate them. Don’t wait till their birthday to tell them you love them! Just because you think they know they are special to you doesn’t mean you can’t say it. From as little as a simple ‘Thank You’ to a pat on the back or buying them dinner, every gesture will mean more than you could imagine to them. Your mother cooks and cleans for you every day? Help out by cutting the vegetables once in a while or making sure you leave the kitchen clean after using it. Your best friend helps you revise for a test? Buy them their favorite chocolates or take them out somewhere, just you two. I’m not telling you to spend extortionate amounts of money on every thank you you ever give… sometimes the words are enough.

If I have described you? You are a beautiful person. Hell, maybe you don’t even realise it’s you we’re talking about. But you are amazing, and everyone wishes you the best in life… but sometimes you can be too kind for your own good. There are horrible people in this world who will use your kind nature for their personal gain adn not care who gets hurt. Be careful. Think about what you are agreeing to before you do it – it is ok to say no. Really, it is. You have a life too, and you shouldn’t be expected to do everything for someone just because they can not be bothered. If you feel that someone you are helping is using you or being ungrateful, tell someone. Try talking to them, or talk to a friend. Don’t suffer in silence, my friend, because if anyone deserves happiness, it is you.

Well, that’s all from me for now. Feel free to comment, and here is something for you to consider:

Headstone of an Angel

Eyes that once sparkled, radiant stars
Watched you with love and care
Now are as dull as broken mirrors.
Hair of rich golden silk
Fades to grey-green
And hangs in knotted clumps.

Never distracted by evil
It was goodness that touched the Angel.

Does that pale skin still glow
Or has this grimy layer
Extinguished virtue’s light?
Clothes no longer ivory
But woven of filth
And hang as rags.

Never came close to evil
It was goodness that strangled the Angel.

Once magestic velvet wings
Lie contorted, twisted
Brown leaves fall and crumble
Molting and dissolving
Were they once feathers?

Never tempted by evil
It was goodness that felled the Angel.

Kindnesses given; taken forgranted
Gifts treated like grains of dirt
Yet never a complaint was heard.
Silent suffering for a silent helper
Gratitude was never given
Though the Angel never took.

Never a thought of evil
It was goodness that killed the Angel.


Thank you for reading xx


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