Homosexuality: It’s Natural!

Today I was asked a strange question. If a child were to brought up in a homosexual community, would it be homosexual? Surely the absurdity of this question is clear: if this was the case then everyone would be ‘straight’, because of being brought up in a ‘straight’ community. The asker then went on to compare such a thing to raising a child in a community of pedophiles!! In his defence he is a man of an older generation, but still. Is this what the world has come to? In ancient times there was no problem with homosexuals. In nature, there is no problem. Many creatures in the animal kingdom display homosexual behaviours. In between breeding seasons male whales will often engage in same sex sexual stimulation, and species such as primates and swans are well known for homosexual couples mating for life.

It is ridiculous to persecute people based on who they fall in love with. In the media at the moment there is an argument that homosexuals should not be able to marry in churches. Why not? Just because they are homosexual they can’t be Christian? There are many Christians who are accepting of same sex relationships. Hell, there are many people in every religion who pick and chose what parts they believe in: that is what religion is. So… why are people still so intolerant towards same sex couples?

I’m aware this post may be all over the place, but it’s a delicate subject. This blog will be followed up on a later date, depending on whether or not you decide to contact me with your thoughts and opinions. Is there widespread intolerance, or is it just the few intolerant people getting their voice across? Do you have any anecdotes or thoughts you would like to share? Comment on the bottom of the page, and I will address your thoughts in the follow up blog. For now, I would like to leave you with this last piece;

You sneer, turn away
In the light of day
Say our ‘preference’
Is a disease
We’re ‘wrong in the brain,
Clearly quite insane’
I assure you this
Is not the case.

I am the girl abused to change
But you can not change the heart
I am the boy disowned for love
By those I thought would accept
Stop this madness
We can’t change who we are.

They laugh and they jeer
Refusing to hear
It’s more natural
Than they’d like to believe
Can’t you understand
This is who I am
And if you think you
Can change me – you’re wrong.

I am the girl her friends left behind
Ashamed to be associated
I am the boy beaten to death
For the crime of finding true love
Stop this madness
We won’t change who we are.

You’re words cut like knives
Making worthless our lives
Who are you to say
Our love is wrong?
No matter how much pain
We will stay the same
We can accept you why
Won’t you accept us?

I am the girl you left to bleed
Your insults engraved in my mind
I am the boy avoided like the plague
‘Cause you think I want to change you
Stop this madness
This is who we are.

There will be no change.


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