A Verse for All Who Have Ever Lost Someone Dear…

Lament and Remembrance

How is it possible
To feel such sorrow
And yet be unable to show it?
To feel tears stabbing your brain
But not your eyes?
The sting of death
Where love and loss collide
Fireworks exploding in your heart
Your brain
But have lost colour
You wish to remember
Remember the good times, the love
To forget would be to disrespect
That which you love…loved…
And yet
To remember
Is to remember what was;
And has been lost
To feel the heartbreak
Again…and again…
How is it possible
This pain
This hurt
One that cannot be expressed
By a sea of tears
A choir of wails
A mournful silence
Nothing can truly explain.
There are no words.
“I miss you” is an understatement
“I will always remember you” is a ghost
Of a saying
A saying we always use
No matter how much remembering hurts
I’m rambling?
Don’t we all.
What can you say?
How can you put into simple words
The sorrow of one taken to early from this world
Or of one that has been there for you
Since you arrived on this earth?
To feel the stab
The black and white flames of anguish, despair
Is enough to make everything else
Seem that little less important
But to see another
To see the grief you yourself are unable to show
Written on their face
In their movements
Engraved onto their aching hearts
That is when you really know
The one you love is gone.
How is it possible
To carry on as normal
When Death himself runs the flat of his scythe
Against your back
Your chest
Your eyes
Making you aware of the finer details
The capriciousness of life?
It has been said
“It is better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved”
But nothing is ever that simple.
How is it possible
Perhaps it is the remembering
The remembering that causes such pain
That brings back the sting
The stab of loss
Yet reminds us of the good times passed
And those ahead we have yet to forge.
Perhaps it is the feeling
That a little piece of them, their soul
Their heart
Resides in our own being
That our hearts formed a bond the moment we met
One not even Deaths scythe can cut
A bond that will connect us
In Heart
In Spirit
In Mind
For eternity.
Or perhaps
Just maybe
It is love.
Though we may no longer see their body
It does not mean the love is lost.
But no matter what it is
That keeps us going
We will forever lament
We will forever remember
In our hearts
Where not even the forces of nature or the supernatural
Can wear away
The words no tongue can truly say.


One thought on “A Verse for All Who Have Ever Lost Someone Dear…

  1. ooomygod says:

    to be honest I’m not really a poetry guy but this nearly made me cry thank you for putting it out for the world

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