Why We’re All Here

Maybe you are looking for something fresh and interesting? Maybe you were drawn in by the title, clicked on a random link, wanted something good to read or were merely bored and browsing – either way you’re here now, so why not stay a little longer?

Welcome to my blog. Each post will take into consideration an aspect of life, whether it is recent news or lifelong debates, and provide a little insight on those silent questions buzzing around the crowded air space. Do you want to put a word in, get advice or just sit back and enjoy some straight-forward reading? Then don’t go away – make yourself at home here.

Note: Each post will also be accompanied by a poem written by yours truly. Naturally I don’t mind if you take a fancy to a particular poem, as long as you respect that I hold all rights and do not wish my work to be copied for commercial use. Thank You


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